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Choosing & Preparing Clothing


Clothing is the most important factor in your headshot, but it is definitely not the main focus. With proper clothing, your face commands attention and clothing itself becomes secondary. 


For a formal business portrait, dress as you would if you were making a presentation to your most important clients or associates…a suit and/or a jacket with a tie. 


For a more casual portrait, you still want to wear something that looks professional and smart; perhaps a blazer/sport coat over a button-down shirt with an open collar, a sweater over a button-down shirt, or a blouse. 


Dress in a classic color (ie: various shades of blue, grey, tans, black). If you wish, add a little punch of color in a tie or jewelry. Refrain from logos on shirts and large print or plaid.


Pick an outfit that fits you well & assure that your clothes are ironed, double check for stains, and check collars. 




If you don't wear a tie, choose a non-white shirt if possible. Long-sleeve button-down shirts are are most appropriote if you choose not to wear a jacket. Make sure we cannot see your undershirt beneath the button-down shirt. If you have a more casual look you are going for it is acceptable to roll up your sleeves & tuck in the shirt.



V-necks accentuate the neckline and generally look best on women. Just don’t choose something with too low of a neckline. No cleavage. No turtlenecks. No short sleeves or tank tops unless you are layering a jacket or blazer over top. Choose jewelry that suits your personality & style. Earrings should not dangle more than an inch from your earlobe. Do your makeup as usual, but maybe add a little extra eye makeup & blush. Please bring extra lipgloss/stick to re-apply just before we start.



If you wear glasses most of the time, I recommend wearing them for your portrait. 


… And finally,

Smile from within and have fun with it. Remember, you’re having a photo session, not a board meeting.

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